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Lone Star Overhead Doors is a locally owned and operated company that provides top quality garage door installation services & repair to home and business owners in The Woodlands, TX and Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. At Lone Star Overhead Doors, we dispatch well trained and highly experienced garage door specialists to handle a variety of commercial and residential installation projects. Call us 24/7 at (281) 528-4327
Buy the perfect garage door in The Woodlands, TX and save money
Here you will find a collection of articles on how to maintain garage doors, fix minor garage door problems and keep your doors working without problems. At Sears Garage Doors The Woodlands, we are committed to helping you enjoy your garage door. If you have problems with your garage door, springs or garage door openers or you need a new garage door installed, call us today at 281-809-7558 to speak with one of our certified technicians.
Garage doors have also gone from the one-size-and-color-fits-all models to today’s fully made-to-order designer doors.
Whether you are building a new home or upgrading your current home, knowing the right information will help you buy your perfect garage door and still save a ton of money.
1. Begin with the right garage door material
There are two main kinds of garage doors; steel and wood. Steel garage doors are durable, easy to maintain and cost less. They also give you construction style options for noise reduction and durability. Wooden garage doors exude beauty and warmth. The material of the garage door you choose may depend on your area. Steel doors work in most weather while wood garage doors may not be suitable in areas with damp climates. In The Woodlands, TX, we experience rain so steel may be more suitable though wood will work too.
2. Select garage door color with care
You can get garage doors in just about any color today. To meet demand for assorted colors and designs, garage door manufacturers constantly strive to satisfy every desire. The color you choose may depend on a number of factors including your homeowner association requirements. Some local associations impose strict conditions on colors, architectures and materials of garage doors. Know what your local association requirements are before you begin shopping for garage doors. This will save you a lot of headache later.
3. Buy a garage door that adds value to your home
One thing to keep in mind when shopping for a garage door is the cost of the new door and the value it adds to your home. Buying a very expensive door that does not enhance the value of your property may not be the best thing to do. Look at all your choices and decide if adding a custom-made garage door to your home is worth the investment.
4. Garage door style
Like color, style is mainly about curb appeal. The appearance of your home affects the amount of money future buyers is willing to offer for the home. Since garage door is about 40 percent of your home’s exterior, it is important that you choose the style of your garage door that fits your budget deliberately. Your options are practically limitless from simple to exotic. Get the garage door with the best style you can afford.
5. Look at garage doors safety
Consider wind and hurricane-force resistance when you choose your garage door. Here in The Woodlands, TX, we experience quite a few hurricane force winds every year so it is important to buy garage doors that are sturdy enough to withstand them. Choose a garage door that meets local government ordinances. Because wind load requirements vary, consider door size, location on the home, wind zones and other factors before selecting your new garage door.
6. Contact The Woodlands garage door specialist
Contact Woodlands garage door service specialists, Lone Star Overhead Doors The Woodlands at 281-528-4327 before deciding on the right garage door for you. As professionals, we work with garage doors daily and are equipped to answer all questions. We live in the community and know local zoning ordinances, wind force and homeowner association requirements. Call us today or complete our contact form at http://www.garagedoorwoodlands.com.
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