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How to Open a Garage Door When the Power Goes Out
If you find yourself without power, you might think that your car is either stuck inside or outside. This isn’t the case, fortunately. Garage doors are equipped with an emergency release cable, and this is your ticket to opening your garage door without power. Simply pull the emergency release cable, often referred to as the emergency release cord, and you will be able to open your garage door without power to the garage door opener. There can be a number of reasons that you will be left without power to your garage door opener. If you lose power as the result of a storm, you will need to open your garage door in this fashion. If there is a faulty plug or an electrical problem in your garage door opener, you will also need to open the garage door in this way.
Once you have disconnected the emergency release cable it is quite easy to open and close your garage door without power. Simply lift your garage door and it will sail along the track fairly effortlessly. If your garage door has locks on it, then these will need to be unlocked before the garage door can be opened without power. Locks can be quite useful in protecting your house from burglars or individuals who are looking to harm you or your family, but they must be unlocked before you can open your garage door.
Once you have unlocked any locks and released the emergency release cord, you shouldn’t have any problems with opening or closing your garage door without electricity. It is important to exercise caution while lifting your garage door, as while it will open smoothly, it can be fairly heavy for some individuals. Avoiding injury should be a priority for you, so you should be as careful as possible.
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