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When to Replace Rather than Repair a Broken Garage Door
Regardless of the quality of your garage door, it can break after time. Either the door itself can break, or the garage door opener can break. Either way, they can be repaired or they can be replaced. While you might think that the problem is small and can be easily repaired, the cost to have it repaired can sometimes exceed the cost of replacing the garage door itself. We will go into detail about when to replace a broken garage door rather than repair it.
Some damage to garage doors can be repaired, but in other instances it must be replaced completely. It comes down to the individual case each time, so we cannot say whether or not a door needs to be replaced. Call a local professional garage door installation/repair company and ask for their opinion on whether or not your door needs to be replaced. The amount of damage will determine whether or not the garage door needs to be replaced.
If there is a minor amount of damage, for example, cosmetic damage, then your garage door should be repaired as opposed to being replaced. This will save you money, as the garage is still structurally sound, but it just needs cosmetic repairs.
If there are more serious issues with your garage door such as a hole in it, or the whole door is rotting, then you might need to replace the door as opposed to repairing it. While it might be repairable, it will be much more likely to break again in the near future, costing you more money. If the damage is severe, you should err on the side of caution and get the garage door replaced. It will save you time and money in the future when the repaired garage door gets damaged again.
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